A walk on the path of Maritime Legend Trail
The whole legendary sea history of Gdynia can be learnt during a stroll along the unique picturesque axis that combines the Main Railway Station, 10 Lutego Street, Kościuszki Square and Jana Pawła II Alley, to Joseph Conrad's monument facing the sea and closing this unrepeatable perspective. This route features facilities and places that form the mosaic history of Polish sailing, the story of the Gdynia's port origins, the fishery roots, the Navy, sea exploration, maritime education and sailing. A grand modernist tenement house in 10 Lutego Street with its architecture inspired by ships, for many years the head office of a great shipowner, Polish Ocean Lines, is the history of the Polish sailing expansion in seas and oceans of the whole world. If you move to the parallel Starowiejska Street, you will come back to the origins of the Gdynia's legend. There is the Skwierczs House there related to Antoni Abraham, Kashubian activist and Polish patriot. The monument of this "Kashubian King" and the bronze bench with a couple of fishermen are located on the Kashubian Square, with a tenement building of the Scheibes, where Elżbieta used to watch for her husband, Jakub, coming back from fishing. These locations show the fishing tradition of Gdynia. They are further developed in the Fishing Hut at present Strych Café, and the fishing settlement located in Waszyngtona Street.

If you walk along towards Kościuszki square, the multi-layered maritime panorama of Gdynia's history opens up. The Office of Port Construction was the place of work and residence for Tadeusz Wenda, an engineer and author of the Gdynia's port harbour. The tenement building of the Polish Shipping, a leading shipowner of the 2nd Republic, is the seat of the Navy Command today. Its building, together with the warship museum "Błyskawica" and the new building of the Navy Museum with the open-air museum of sea weapons tell the complete history of our Navy. The facilities of the Maritime Department of the Metrology Institute and Water Management, the Gdynia Aquarium located in the historic building of the Maritime Fishery Institute and the Faculty of Navigation of the Gdynia Maritime University with the modern Planetarium are related to sea research. The historic "Dar Pomorza" sailing ship is the most characteristic element of the Southern Pier landscape - the display of the maritime Poland. Since 1930, when the Polish white-and-red flag was raised, Dar Pomorza has been a true symbol of Gdynia's Sea Legend.

Points on the Gdynia Maritime Legend Route:
1. 10 Lutego street
2. The Polish Ocean Lines building
3. Starowiejska street
4. The Abraham's house
5. The Antoni Abraham monument
6. The "Kashubian couple on a bench" sculpture
7. The Apostelship of the Sea Stella Maris
8. The Historical Fishing Cottage
9. "Kolonia Rybacka" ("Fishing Colony") district
10. The Port Construction Office building
11. The Tadeusz Wenda Fishing Cross
12. The National Meteorological Institute building
13. The Polish Shipping building
14. The Ship - Museum "ORP Błyskawica"
15. The Ship - Museum "Dar Pomorza"
16. The Alley of Passenger Ships visiting Gdynia
17. The Joseph Conrad monument
18. The Gdynia Aquarium
19. The Polish Sailor's House
20. The Antoni Ledóchowski Planetarium
21. The Mariusz Zaruski Sailing Pool
22. The Naval Museum
23. The Museum of the City of Gdynia
24. The Polish Mariner memorial
25. The Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski bust
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