Legendarne okręty i jachty


Data wodowania - July 3rd, 1935
Port - Gdynia
Firma - Polish Ocean Lines, Gdynia
Wyporność - 17 knots
Ilość załogi - 760
Pojemność - 14 300 RT

In the 1930's, Polish Transatlantic Ship Society decided to modernize its fleet. The units that they used, didn't meet the standards of passenger transport and they had to be withdrew from usage. They also planned to change the units' profiles from emigrant to tourist. In 1933 they signed a contract for construction of two twin passenger - cargo units: "MS Batory" and "MS Piłsudzki". "Batory" was built in Monfalcone shipyard in Italy. Its first cruise was in 1936 on the route Venice - Dubrovnik - Barcelona - Casablanca - Lisbon - Gdynia.

"Batory" set out on its first transatlantic cruise on May 18th 1936, when it was commanded by captain Borkowski. Until the Second World War broke out, it travelled on the route Gdynia - Copenhagen - New York - Halifax. During the war, it served as a transport ship and participated in numerous essential operations. The ship and its crew victoriously passed the exam of war and survived all its dangers, so "Batory" was nicknamed "Lucky Ship". After the war, it took soldiers to their home countries. In the years 1951 - 1957, it travelled on the Indian - Palestinian line and then went back to transatlantic line - first to New York and later to Montreal. Since 1969 it was a hulk hotel which was two years later scrapped in Hong Kong. All together "Batory" went on 222 line cruises, 59 war cruises and 75 passenger cruises.
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