Legendarne okręty i jachty


Data wodowania - 1966
Port - Gdynia
Firma - Leonid Teliga
Typ platformy - yawl

"Opty" is one of the best know Polish yachts. This was the ship on which Leonid Teliga swam around the world on his own in the years 1967 - 1969. The official ship commissioning took place in October, 1966 in Gdynia. Because of bad weather conditions in the autumn season, the-round-the-world cruise was postponed and its route was changed. Instead of starting in Gdynia, it started in Casablanca. The name of the yacht is the first part of the word "optimist" (Polish: "optymista"), which perfectly described the personality of the yacht's first captain.

After the-round-the-world cruise, the yacht was used by the Gdynia Maritime Academy and was then given to the Central Maritime Museum in Gdańsk. Now, it is kept in the Vistula River Museum in Tczew, where it is waiting for the Sailing Museum in Gdynia to be built.
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