Legendarne okręty i jachty


Data wodowania - September 17th, 1931
Port - Gdynia
Firma - Gdynia Maritime Office
Rodzaj - steel motorboat

"Samarytanka" was the first unit fully designed and constructed by the Gdynia shipyard. The customer was the Gdynia Maritime Office. The ship was supposed to serve as an ambulance motorboat controlled by the port doctor. However, it caused many problems. The engine was difficult to use, the hull was poorly designed and the speed was low. The passage to the patients' room was so narrow that it was impossible to get the stretcher inside, so the ship wasn't often used. The doctors preferred to travel by pilot boats or ambulances, which were much faster and more practical than "Samarytanka". Nowadays, the renovated ship can be seen next to the management building ofbthe former Gdynia shipyard.
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